Wirkungen des Ausbaus erneuerbarer Energien

Impact of renewable energy sources

Instrumentelle Wechselwirkungen zwischen der Elektromobilität und dem Ausbau erneuerbarer Energien

Work package 3: Interactions of RE expansion and electric mobility

Instrumental interactions between electric mobility and RE expansion

An analysis of the instrumental interactions is made to find out whether supporting instruments have to be adapted with regard to the technological and economic interactions identified in the electricity sector. The investigation focuses on the funding of those measures which prove to be particularly advantageous in the quantitative model analysis. Particular attention is paid to integrating future fleets of electric vehicles into the grid in the context of the further development of market and system integration as part of the Renewable Energies Act (EEG).

It is also analysed to what extent the consumption of conventional fuels and biofuels as well as the CO2 emissions from transport can be reduced due to the direct use of renewable electricity in the transport sector through the use of electric vehicles. Depending on this analysis, it will be discussed whether environmental and transport policy instruments have to be adjusted accordingly.


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