Wirkungen des Ausbaus erneuerbarer Energien

Impact of renewable energy sources

Verteilungswirkung des Netzausbaus

Work package 2: Distributional effects of RE expansion

Distributional effect of grid expansion

The investigation covers grid expansion and grid expansion costs (system-related costs) by region: it is examined in which regions grid expansion (transmission networks and distribution networks) primarily takes place.

In addition, an analysis is made of the distribution of costs (microeconomic costs) for three areas:

  • a) Lines for wind turbines at sea (off shore)
  • b) RE installations on land (on shore, also photovoltaic)
  • c) Distribution networks

The objective is to show how the costs are passed on from the network operators to the electricity consumers, which alternatives exist and who ultimately bears the main share of the costs (electricity consumer, region etc.).


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