Wirkungen des Ausbaus erneuerbarer Energien

Impact of renewable energy sources

Grundlagen, Systematik und methodische Ansätze zur Erfassung von Verteilungswirkungen

Work package 2: Distributional effects of RE expansion

Foundations, classification and methodological approaches to identifying distributional effects

This analysis concept perceives distributional effects as microeconomic burdens and relief (debits and credits) which, in contrast to system-related effects, do not reflect the consumption of resources. The focus is on the influence of the current funding policy on the burdens and relief of individual groups of actors.

The working paper “Distributional effects of renewable energies – foundations, classification and methodological approaches for their identification” examines overlapping aspects of analysing the distributional effects of renewable energies. The primary aim is to classify distributional effects and the approaches used to identify them in order to construct a guiding framework for the individual analyses which should be reviewed and further developed during the course of the project. This also addresses the question of how to combine the individual analyses to obtain a general overview of the distributional effects.


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